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Fury E Juice ANML 60ml (E Juice Bundle) - EJuice Vapor - 1

Fury E Juice ANML 60ml (E Juice Bundle)


Fury E Juice ANML 60ml (E Juice Bundle)

E Juice vapor Take:

ANML Fury is the most recent and most prominent expansion to the their line of premium e juice. The Fury E juice is delightfully prepared with sweet notes of sugary oat, mixed with a touch of velvety milk. The breathe in is sweet, unobtrusive and smooth to give you the flavor to pine for. While the breathe out is smooth, rich and velvety milk to make the ideal shutting to each vape you take. Ideal for the grain vape mates, the Fury E juice gives you a smooth, sweet yet unpretentious flavor for that throughout the day vape.

ANML Take:

Fierceness conveys a spot-on version of sugar-iced oat crisps with a sprinkle of premium entire milk, making a strikingly liberal vape experience that is full-bodied and heavenly on the breathe in but then fresh on the breathe out. Genuinely, FURY's appeal is in its certainly exact presentation of straight from-the-pack, iced, sugary oat crisps that adjusts only the appropriate measure of sweetness with luscious premium entire milk to make FURY the throughout the day-vape to run every one of them in 2016. Rage is maybe the first and final contender in another classification of juice named "category killers" by insiders.

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