Vape Breakfast Classics • Pancake Man E-Juice • $14.99 120ml E-Liquid
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Vape BKFST Classics

Based in Miami Florida, Vape Breakfast Classics is an inspired breakfast ejuice brand. Created specifically for breakfast lovers everywhere, Vape Breakfast Classics is one of the first 60ml ejuice collections offering the following flavors: Pancake Man, French Dude and Mr. Blintz. With the launch of the legendary Pancake Man ejuice, the vape industry started moving toward 60ml ejuice lines. Pancake Man ejuice is the perfect blend of a classic; fluffy buttered pancakes, topped with whipped cream, strawberries and drizzle of sweet maple syrup. Following the success, Vape Breakfast Classics released French Dude & Mr. Blintz eliquid. It's the collection made for breakfast of champions.