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Uncle Junk's Genius Juice

Uncle Junk's Genius Juice is an American based fluid organization work in making premium Ejuice made in the USA. The mission of Uncle Junk's is to give quality juices and our energy for peopling to stop smoking cigarettes is the thing that we accept separates us in the business. Each of the juice manifestations are made with the finest quality evaluation fixings. The VG/PG proportion is 70/30, giving an exquisite taste and phenomenal vapor generation.

The story behind Uncle Junk's Genius Juice: subsequent to smoking cigarettes for almost 35 years, Uncle Junk was acquainted with the E-Cigarette industry and never got a cigarette again. He set out to make his own Ejuice line, making four flavors and acquired a few neighborhood vape shops. Today, there are two Uncle Junk's Ejuice accumulations: Est. 2012 and Fog Cabin.