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Steep Vapors EJuice

Steep Vapors is another Ejuice organization with the emphasis on giving flawless client administration. Steep Vapors offers seven flavors yet the most prominent is the PopDeez; a scrumptious box of caramel popcorn. It's an oldie but a goodie with satire bundling of the exemplary Cracker Jacks box you find at the ballpark. The 30ml jug is bundled inside a Cracker Jacks box and alongside the juice, you will locate an exceptional prize at the base of the container.

Steep Vapors is accessible in seven one of a kind flavors: Skip to My Loop, Millennium, PopDeez, Special K, Purple Lemonade, Ice Cola and Holy Grail. Steep Vapors utilizes the trademark "What's in your Box?" for the PopDeez juice, due to the uncommon prize situated at the base of the crate. Steep Vapors urges clients to mess around with the juice and post pictures to be highlighted on their online networking destinations.