Soft Serve Social E-Liquid
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Soft Serve Social E-Liquid

Soft Serve Social is a premium eliquid brand representing sweetness of friendship and ice cream in a perfectly handcrafted vape juice. Combining harmoniously melds of fruity soft serve with a medley of exotic toppings, Soft Serve Social offers the following flavors in 100ml Chubby Unicorn bottles - Sweet Society, Citrus Candy and Acai Avalanche. 

  • Sweet Society: Take a trip to Japan with this Fuji apple soft serve, topped with guava and kiwi bits. 
  • Citrus Candy: Intensify your taste buds with this citrus soft serve sprinkled with rock candy. 
  • Acai Avalanche: Ride the waves with this Acai soft serve, topped with blueberry and strawberry bits.