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The Schwartz

Schwartz EJuice Company is situated in Long Beach, California, made with the sole reason for bringing one of a kind, excellent flavors to the vaping group. Through months of committed innovative work utilizing just the finest fixings, the Schwartz line makes yogurt based E-fluids, #YOGURTISTHENEWCUSTARD.

Schwartz has three delightful flavors in their accumulation of Ejuice: Upside, Downside and Comb the Desert. Being one of the first organizations to add to a reliable enhancing of yogurt E-fluid, Schwartz has formed the fluid business and open the ways to numerous other juice organizations. Drawback and Upside are the most mainstream flavors from the Schwartz line. Upside is strawberry yogurt mix, while Downside is mixed with blueberries over rich crisp yogurt. Brush the Dessert is the fantastic nutty spread seasoned solidified yogurt with smashed hazelnuts. Schwartz is consistently developing with vapers one container at once.