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Kilo E-Liquid

Founded in 2014, Kilo E-Liquids is a world renowned premium ejuice brand, creating originality through unique ideas, flavors and iconic style. Best known for there signature cream, Kilo E-Liquid presents five original flavors: Dewberry Cream, Cereal Milk, Tru Blue, Kiberry Yogurt and Fruit Whip. The evolutionary Kilo brand continues to grow methodically, through expect craftsmanship and exceeding the consumers expectations. In 2016, Kilo E-Liquids released two new 60ml ejuice collections: Kilo Black Series - Apple Pie, Milk & Cookies, Honey Creme and Birthday Cake and Kilo White Series - Cinnamon Roll, Ice Cream Sandwich, White Chocolate Strawberry and Marshmallow Crisp.  Alongside the 60ml ejuice lines, Kilo E-Liquids also manufactures the following brands: Bazooka Sour Straws, Top Class E-Juice, Moo E-Liquids and Milky Cones. Constantly evolving through extensive research and development, the true artisanal e-liquid delivers sophisticated flavors for all vapers across the world.