Juice Roll Upz Tropical Series • $14.99 100ml Vape Juice • EJV
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Juice Roll Upz Tropical Series

It appears Juice Roll Upz took a get-away to a tropical isle and brought back a portion of their all natural fruit flavors in vape juices. Juice Roll Upz Tropical Series is a lineup of crisp succulent tropical natural product seasons that give vapers island tastes in a rotund gorilla bottle! With flavors like Hi-Punch Juice Roll Upz Tropical takes a swing at a tropical fruit punch and thumps it out of the recreation center, P.O.G Juice Roll Upz takes the well-known flavor profile and increases the volume on the fruitful impact for an awesome vape encounter lastly Mango, what else would we be able to state however it's a tropical heaven in an eliquid bottle!