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9 South Vapes is New Jersey's first store devoted to "The Electronic Cigarette"!!! 9 South Vapes executed the thought of the one stop look for all you're vaping needs.

9 South Vapes has 10 delightful flavors to meet the palates of any vaper. The kinds of 9 South Vapes include: Silk, Hunman Farm, Toasted, Quick, Cereal Killa, Budtat2, Kings Only, Cloud Status, SuperNova and Eryn Grace. The most mainstream flavor from the 9 South Vapes juice line is Cereal Killa.

Cereal Killa by 9 South Vapes is tastes simply like natural fruit circles with sprinkle of velvety sweet milk. "Feeling nostalgic? This smooth fruity vape will defiinitely take you back to your saturday morning toon days! The Hype is Real... The flavor that changed the business and made its own particular catagory "The Cereal Vape"!!!" 9 South Vapes already came in one nicotine level, yet now is putting forth different alternatives to take into account vapers inclinations.