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What is Nicotine Salt?

What Is Nicotine Salt?

Also known as Nic Salt, nicotine Salt is a type of processed nicotine newly introduced to be used in vape ejuice. This nicotine naturally occurs in tobacco leaf and is more pure than regular e-juice nicotine which is made by altering some of these natural compounds.

Why do most vapers find Nic Salt more satisfying?

Many vapers find nicotine salts more satisfying than regular nicotine, the reason behind that is because Nicotine Salt e-juice is much easier to inhale than regular e -juice due to its purity which is less harsh on vapers throat and allows vapers to use stronger e-liquids. NicSalt e-juice is ideal for beginners (especially those just getting off cigarettes). As Salt Nic e-juice resembles a cigarette due to portability and nicotine strength and it provides shorter draws however, more satisfying. Some popular nicotine strengths for SaltNics are: 25mg, 35mg & 50mg.

Can Nic Salt be used on any vape device?

When it comes to nicotine salt, you have to be careful with strong juice, especially in high powered vape devices as it is NOT intended for use in Sub-Ohm Tank systems.

Nicotine Salt E- Juice Collections:

E-juice Vapor currently offers two Nic Salt e-juice collections, SaltNic e-juice by VGOD Tricklyfe and Naked 100 Salt. Take a look at the flavors each collection currently offers:

SaltNic E-Juice by VGOD Tricklyfe

Naked 100 Salt 

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