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Naked 100 Candy Review

Naked 100 E Liquids has taken the vape industry by storm. Created by The
Schwartz e liquids, this naturals inspired e liquid line has a massive fan following.
The brand started with its original 2 flavors: Amazing Mango (a mango fruit
smoothie with a hint of peach) and Green Blast (a smoothie consisting of green
apple, kiwi and honeydew). Followed by 4 more fruit inspired flavors: Lava Flow
(consisting of strawberries, pineapple and coconut), All Melon (honeydew,
cantaloupe and watermelon) Very Berry (blackberries, blueberries and a hint of
lemon), and Hawiian Pog (which has notes of passion fruit, orange and guava).
The success of those flavors lead to the creation of Naked 100’s menthol line that
showcases fruit and menthol flavors and includes: Brain Freeze (cool menthol with
kiwi, strawberry and sweet pomegranate), Frost Bite (cool menthol complimented
with honeydew and cantaloupe) and Very Cool (cool menthol mixed with blueberry,
blackberry and raspberries). This e juice line in particular complimented the
original fruit line, and seems to be a fan favorite especially in the hotter summer
months because of the cooling effect of menthol on the tongue.
Very recently Naked 100 introduced its first line of tobacco flavors. Tobacco flavors
seem to be a staple product with the larger manufacturers such as Cuttwood and
Uncle Junk’s so this seems like a fairly natural progression for this booming brand.
The tobacco flavors brought to you by Naked 100 are: American Cowboy (a classic
full bodied red tobacco blend), Cuban Blend (a slightly sweet medium bodied
tobacco blend) and Euro Gold (a spicy, light bodied tobacco blend). This line has so
far concluded the Naked 100’s roll for naturally occurring flavor profiles and in the
last couple weeks have thus introduced their candy line.

Candy line now available by Naked 100 has hit the market with three flavors, and a
totally new concept for company. Taking a 180-degree turn away from fruit and
nature inspired flavors the candy line is now expected to create a big hype for their
already massively successful brand. The three flavors now hitting the market are:
Sour Sweet (a lime infused sweet and sour gummy candy), Berry Belts (strawberry
candy belts with a sweet and sour dusting and topped off with light citrus notes to
make the flavor pop) and Yummy Gum (strawberry bubble gum). The new addition
to the Naked 100 family has everyone asking, is it that good? My review below has
the breakdown of these three new flavors.

A review on Sour Sweet by Naked 100 e juice:
- The inhale exhibits a strong base of lime with a distinct tart and or sour taste.
With a sweet and equally strong lime exhale. None of the flavors overpower
the other, making the candy vape experience an all day vape. And even
though it strays from the original fruit based flavors we all fell in love with,
the use of the fresh lime flavoring keeps the fruit concept still going.

A review on Berry Belts by Naked 100 e juice:
- You get the sour strawberry right away on the inhale, but its not a normal
strawberry flavor they use like Strawberry Ripe by TFA. Its more of a
gummy or jam like strawberry that is infused with the sour. Followed by a
sweet strawberry exhale, but you definitely can taste a citrus in there, my
guess would be a tangerine base note, or maybe even tangerine with a bit of
lemon, which really does bring out the strawberry candy flavor on both the
inhale and exhale. Again, loving the use of strawberries to mix up the old use
of fruit in a new way.

A review on Yummy Gum by Naked 100 e juice:
- This flavor really exhibits the flavors of the Strawberry Bubbly Yum—a
common childhood favorite. The inhale has a smooth strawberry tone with
equal amounts of artificial original bubble gum flavoring. The exhale is
slightly sweet and all the flavors are still prominent from the inhale.

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