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Ice Cream Man E-Juice Review

Ice Cream Man E-Juice, is a premium e-juice brand manufactured by Ruthless E-Juice is Southern California. Established in 2015, Ice Cream Man E-Juice launched four childhood frozen dessert flavor e-liquids with Freshberry Cream, Caramel Waffle Crunch, DB and Mint Choco Chip. The newest creation is the two flavored 100ml Gelato line with Strawberry Gelato and Pistachio Gelato.

Pistachio Gelato by Ice Cream Man, is indulgent gelato playfully blended with well rounded notes of rich and nutty pistachio. This flavor is simple, but spot on! If you love gelato and pistachio, you are in the right place! The inhale will please your palate with a pistachio flavoring that is like no other, and the exhale pairs the pistachio with the gelato and a hit of nuts.

  • Flavor Profile: Pistachio Gelato Ice Cream
  • VG/PG: 70/30

Strawberry Gelato by Ice Cream Man, is a rich, dense, & creamy gelato intertwined with fresh aromatic strawberries for a classic frozen treat. We all love gelato, but the best gelato is infused with the most fresh and juicy strawberries you can acquire, and they packed it into an e-liquid! Inhale pure bliss when you taste the pure gelato flavoring that ends with a hint of strawberry. The exhale is where the perfected combination happens, you are blasted with flawless strawberry flavor!

  • Flavor Profile: Strawberry Gelato Ice Cream
  • VG/PG: 70/30

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