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Fried by BLAQ Vapor

BLAQ is a juice line built around class and elegance. The style, feel, and taste of BLAQ have all been carefully crafted to capture the pure essence of class in a bottle. Through the rich subtle layering of flavors, BLAQ will tantalize even the most sophisticated palate, yet obtainable to everyone. BLAQ Vapors offers three e-liquid lines: BLAQ, FRIED & MILQ, below is a quick review on BLAQ’s Fried line that comes in a 60ml bottle for $16.99 here at E Juice Vapor.

Golden Berry e-juice by Fried E-Juice is the flavor of a decadent golden sponge cake filled with strawberry cream, deep fried to perfection. Reminiscent of those packaged yellow sponge cake with vanilla cream snacks, Fried Golden Berry takes the same idea but fills the cake with decadent strawberry cream. Golden Berry provides a fluffy yellow cake on the inhale with a lush of smooth creamy strawberries frosting on the exhale. 

Eye Scream e-juice by Fried E-Juice is the flavor of a crunchy fried sugar-coated flake cereal on the outside, creamy vanilla ice cream on the inside. Manufactured by BLAQ Vapors, the combination of cereal and vanilla ice cream is a toothsome vape. Fried Eye Scream provides toasted corn cereal on the inhale with fresh hand-scooped vanilla ice cream on the exhale.

Hazel Puff e-juice by Fried E-Juice is the flavor of a deep fried pastry puff stuffed with a rich hazelnut chocolate filling. The popular dessert snack found at the local fair is now readied in e-liquid form. Fried Hazel Puff provides a fried doughy inhale with notes of rich chocolate on a hint of hazelnut on the exhale.  

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