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Deluxe Pancake Man Review

Vape Breakfast Classics, better known by their booming brand Pancake Man that
came out in early 2016, has become a top competitor in the vape game in a relatively
short amount of time. With the release of Pancake Man, an e juice featuring flavors
of fluffy pancakes topped with strawberries and dressed with sweet and delicious
maple syrup, a sort of frenzy occurred around this new and interesting flavor. To
add to the already existing hype for this new taste bud satisfying e juice, the
packaging included: a box with the juice, a Pancake Man keychain, a sticker and two
empty Pancake Man labeled unicorn bottles making this e juice perfectly pocket
friendly as well as easily dispensable.

The breakfast friendly vape company later came out with a complimentary flavor to
their original best selling brand, French Dude. French Dude e liquid exhibited a bold
and full-bodied French toast topped with ripe sweet blueberries, drizzled with
maple syrup and then smothered in whipped cream. The packaging for this e juice
was the same as Pancake Man except for all the logos for this line were the fun and
funky French Dude french toast face. This in-your- face vapeable breakfast e juice
kept the brand’s momentum at full speed as Vape Breakfast Classics delved into the
creation of their next great flavor—Mr. Blintz.

Mr. Blintz, the next chapter for Vape Breakfast Classics took on a whole new twist by
mixing the sweet and savory of breakfast with dessert flavors. The Mr. Blintz e juice
represented a sweet breakfast crepe filled with rich and creamy ricotta cheese,
topped with crisp apple slices and then covered in both maple syrup and whipped
cream. The packaging, staying consistent with the previous two flavors, then only
changed its labels to the very nerdy Mr. Blintz face. This flavor in particular didn’t do
as well as the first two flavors Pancake Man and French Dude, however is still

Now getting back to their original moneymaker Pancake Man, the brand has decided
to revamp the flavor by making Deluxe Pancake Man now a little over a year after
the launch of its original flavor. Taking a fat kids breakfast dream and making it
come to life, Deluxe Pancake Man features all of the flavors from the original e juice
and added marshmallows, fruity cereal and whipped cream. As only being released
in the last week, it is unknown if this flavor will propel the brand into new heights,
but with their track record we can only assume great things from this flavor—and
more to come!

For a full review on Deluxe Pancake Man e juice please see below.

Review on Deluxe Pancake Man by Vape Breakfast Classics:
- A 60ml e juice, the smell is definitely different from the original Pancake Man, as
you get more fruity notes from this one. The original one out of the bottle smells
much more of the pancake batter and maple syrup. Upon smelling this you do get a
bit of creaminess and mixed fruit as well as pancake batter and maple syrup. The
inhale is straight pancake and fruit cereal, the whipped cream and marshmallow do
add some creaminess to the flavor but is very light. And the exhale is a super sweet
pancake but mostly syrup. It is a super rich e juice, full of flavor and most of all very,
very sweet. You do still get hints of strawberry throughout as with the original
flavor, but the fruity cereal does make it citrusy rather than plain strawberry.

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