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Circus E-Liquids Review

Circus E-Liquids, manufactured by Puff Vapors out of Las Vegas, Nevada. This e-liquid line brings flavors from the past straight to your vape, from sweet beverages to confection cakes. Circus e-liquids line consists of Circus Cookie, Circus Cooler, Circus Cotton Candy and Circus Coconut Cake. The delectable circus flavored treats are sure to please those taste buds year round.. Let's take a look at what each e-juice has in store for us!

Circus Cookie e-juice by Circus E-Liquids, is your favorite circus cookies drenched in sprinkles, the animal shaped cookie that you loved so much during your childhood. The inhale is a burst of frosting flavor that will create a nostalgia fest while the exhale combines the frosting with a cookie flavor.

  • Flavor Profile: Animal Cookie, Frosting
  • VG/PG: 80/20

Circus Cooler e-juice by Circus E-Liquids, is a delightful summer soda icee treat that is very unique! It tastes like an exotic summer soda that finishes with a pop! The inhale is a taste bud explosion of fizzy bubbles and when you exhale your palate is pleased with a soda flavor to complete this juice. The juice is not overpowering and has a very mild throat hit.

  • Flavor Profile: Soda, Icee
  • VG/PG: 80/20

Circus Cotton Candy e-juice by Circus E-Liquids, is your favorite concession stand sweet & fluffy cotton candy treat. Who didn't love going to a carnival as a child and begging mom and dad for that big piece of cotton candy? Most that go for a cotton candy juice are a bit off on flavor, but this flavor from Circus E-Liquids won't disappoint you! When you inhale, you instantly taste a tart blue raspberry flavor which combines with candy and sugar on the exhale to make it a one of a kind juice!

  • Flavor Profile: Cotton Candy
  • VG/PG: 80/20

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