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Charlie Chalk Dust Original Line

Charlie's Chalk Dust is a premium e-juice manufacturer based in Costa Mesa California. Originally started as a door to door solicitor, Charlie developed a skill of crafting delicious dessert flavors. Charlie's Chalk Dust is a household name in the vaping industry and has won 3 different award in the vaping industry one of them was “Best Fruit” award that was held at Vape Nights in Ontario, CA. This e-juice collection came up with its first collection which is The Black & White Label, which consists of the following flavors: Big Belly Jelly, Wonder Worm, Mustache Milk, Jam Rock, Dream Cream, Head Bangin’ Boogie and Slam Berry. All of the above flavors come in a 60 ml bottle in three different nicotine levels: 0, 3, and 6mg. Let’s take a look at what these award winning flavors are made out of!

Big Belly Jelly (White Label), is an instant classic candy favorite of a soft jelly bean filled with watermelon and blueberry. This flavor provides a sweet fruity candy blend of blueberry on the inhale with juicy watermelon candy on the exhale.

Wonder Worm (White Label), is the flavor of crystallized gummy worms laced with psychedelic sweet tarts. The inhale provides gummy candy topped with sugar, while the exhale delivers tangy hard candy.

Mustache Milk (White Label), is the flavor of savory cereal soaked in something sweet. It's like opening a fresh box of frosted fruity rice pebbled cereal and drenching it into a creamy cold bowl of milk. This e-juice provides subtle notes of fruity cereal on the inhale with a robust milky cream on the exhale.

Jam Rock (Black Label), is a tangy sour apple hard candy lollipop with a sweet bubble gum in the middle. Jam Rock e-juice provides a sweet candy inhale with sour green apple and a hint of creamy bubble gum on the exhale.

Dream Cream (Black Label), is a creamy slow-churned vanilla ice cream with a swirl of rich chocolate fudge and topped with a pinch of cinnamon sugar. Dream Cream ejuice provides a cocoa inhale with creamy vanilla and a hint of cinnamon sugar on the exhale.

Head Bangin’ Boogie (Black Label), is the flavor of a frozen dessert treat of a blueberry Popsicle with tropical flavor tones. The summertime fruity dessert provides blueberry on the inhale with tropical & citrus on the exhale.

Slam Berry (Black Label), is the flavor of homemade strawberry ice cream topped off with smooth whipped cream. Slam Berry e-juice provides sweet strawberry on the inhale with creamy ice cream on the exhale.

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