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Candy King Review

Candy King e liquids, a new brand brought to you by DripMore has taken the
initiative to re-vamp the movie theatre classic candy flavors such as candy belts
(Candy King Belts), Sour Gummy Worms (Candy King Sour Worms), Sour Patch Kids
(Candy King Batch), Swedish Fish (Candy King Swedish), and has also introduced a
Bubblicious Bubble Gum likeness (Candy King Strawberry Watermelon). All five
flavors have an 80VG to 20PG ratio and come in 100ml chubby unicorn bottles for
easy dispense.
With e liquids, and creating a memorable brand, getting as close as possible to a
likeness you are trying to copy or create is imperative—and Candy King has hit all
the right notes. With growing popularity, the Southern California based company is
making new waves in the vape industry. The five flavors: Belts (sour watermelon
candy belts) , Sour Worms (sweet and sour mixed fruit gummy candies), Batch
(sweet and sour gummies), Swedish (mixed berry gummy candy), and Strawberry
Watermelon (strawberry watermelon bubble gum) have come onto the market at
the right time for the vape industry to make its newest turn—candy inspired vape
flavors. Move over custard and donut vapes, candy vapes have arrived! For an in-
depth look at what the flavors really taste like, check out the review below.

A review for Belts by Candy King:
- The inhale has a vibrant strawberry flavor more of a ripe strawberry rather
than a candy strawberry, complimented by sour flavoring. While the exhale is
still a full-bodied strawberry you do get sweetness on the exhale while some
of the sour is still there. Very good cloud production, probably by the use of a
higher VG ratio than most other brands.

A review for Sour Worms by Candy King:
- As with the other sour candy inspired flavors, the sour flavoring is
prominent, but there are hints of citrus like lemon—maybe orange. Some
strawberry and possibly something a bit more tropical like a pineapple, it’s a
bit hard to discern exactly which flavors it includes but it is overall fruity.
And the exhale is slightly sweet but more so still in that fruity candy range,
and sour still poking through the other flavors.

A review for Batch by Candy King:
- This is very similar to the Sour Worms by Candy King, but less fruity.
Possibly has the use of pure Gummy flavoring by TFA and complimented by
sweetener and sour flavoring. Still getting very close to the original candy
flavors, full-bodied but not over powering. I wouldn’t say all day vape, but
close to it.

A review for Swedish by Candy King:
- The flavor profile for this flavor is mixed berry but on the inhale I actually get
more of cherry or fruit punch notes. This e juice if full of flavor, its sweet, and
really is very close to the flavors of the actual candy. Good cloud production
and doesn’t have a long lasting aftertaste.

A review for Strawberry Watermelon by Candy King:
- As bubble gum vapes go, this is full of bubble gum flavor but the fruity notes
are not overpowered by it. The inhale has a good well-rounded strawberry
watermelon flavor while the exhale is when you really taste the fullness of
the bubblegum. I wouldn’t say it hits that Bubblicious Bubble Gum level, but
it is a very good bubble gum flavor for the vape industry.

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