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Deluxe Pancake Man Review

Vape Breakfast Classics, better known by their booming brand Pancake Man thatcame out in early 2016, has become a top competitor in the vape game in a relativelyshort amount of time. With the release of Pancake Man, an e juice featuring flavorsof fluffy pancakes topped with strawberries and dressed with sweet and deliciousmaple syrup, a sort of frenzy occurred around this new and interesting flavor. Toadd to the already existing hype for this new taste bud satisfying e juice, thepackaging included: a box with the juice, a Pancake Man keychain, a sticker and twoempty Pancake Man labeled unicorn bottles making...

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Naked 100 Candy Review

Naked 100 E Liquids has taken the vape industry by storm. Created by TheSchwartz e liquids, this naturals inspired e liquid line has a massive fan following.The brand started with its original 2 flavors: Amazing Mango (a mango fruitsmoothie with a hint of peach) and Green Blast (a smoothie consisting of greenapple, kiwi and honeydew). Followed by 4 more fruit inspired flavors: Lava Flow(consisting of strawberries, pineapple and coconut), All Melon (honeydew,cantaloupe and watermelon) Very Berry (blackberries, blueberries and a hint oflemon), and Hawiian Pog (which has notes of passion fruit, orange and guava).The success of those flavors lead to...

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Candy King Review

Candy King e liquids, a new brand brought to you by DripMore has taken theinitiative to re-vamp the movie theatre classic candy flavors such as candy belts(Candy King Belts), Sour Gummy Worms (Candy King Sour Worms), Sour Patch Kids(Candy King Batch), Swedish Fish (Candy King Swedish), and has also introduced aBubblicious Bubble Gum likeness (Candy King Strawberry Watermelon). All fiveflavors have an 80VG to 20PG ratio and come in 100ml chubby unicorn bottles foreasy dispense.With e liquids, and creating a memorable brand, getting as close as possible to alikeness you are trying to copy or create is imperative—and Candy King...

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What are the Best EJuice Brands and Flavors?

E-Juice Vapor is happy to offer over 100 brands of premium eliquid. With hundreds of flavors right at your finger tips, you may be asking yourself, what are some of the top brands in the industry. Year after year, these specific brands are continuously growing and developing innovative flavors to enhance their presence on the market. From new bold flavors to classics, Ruthless E-Juice, Kilo E-Liquids, Cuttwood, Naked 100 and Lost Art Liquids have remained at the top for premium ejuice. Below we have mentioned the Top 5 flavors from each brand. See if your favorite flavors made it on...

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Strawberry Sour Straws 60ml Bazooka

Sour Strawberry Bazooka Sour Straws 60ml E-Juice Vapor Product Description A new 60ml fan favorite, Sour Strawberry by Bazooka has become one of E Juice Vapor’s most popular selling e juice. It’s a relatively new company but ever since their launch they have taken the juice community by storm. You can now easily find them and their flavor profiles in our e juice category, as well as in the 60ml size category while shopping. Bazooka carries candy flavors such as Sour Blue Raspberry, Sour Apple, Sour Watermelon and Sour Strawberry—however, the strawberry seems to be the most popular with our customers at...

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